Isn’t it time to stop?

On the 8th of May (in the Russian Federation – the 9th of May) and the 2nd of September 2015 the world will honor the winners of World War Two. 70 years ago fascism was defeated in Europe and the victory was achieved over Japanese militarism in Asia. That war claimed millions of lives, leaving countries, towns and villages in ruins. Its shatters still affect people’s lives. Therefore everyone who participated in that war and contributed to the common victory deserves special honor, recognition and respect.

Russia (then the Soviet Union) and China, having fallen victims to the invasion of Nazi Germany and militarist Japan, survived the years of occupation and emerged as winners of the war. My country withstood the deadly fight against fascism and, being faithful to its allied commitments, rendered fraternal help to the Chinese people and anti-Hitler coalition allies in the fight against the Japanese invaders. It was the Soviets that crushed the powerful Kwantung Army thereby contributing to the acceleration of the victory in the Pacific. This is the historical fact that nobody can deny.

Deep war wounds still haven’t healed. “Nothing is forgotten and nobody is forgotten” – that is the motto of the generations that went through the hell of fighting, Nazi concentration camps and Gestapo torture chambers, the horrors of the Japanese military abusing the locals in East Asia. These memories they passed onto their children and grandchildren, so that the latter could preserve peace on our planet.

Over the past seventy years the world has changed beyond recognition. New generation grew up, new countries emerged, modern cities were built. The war-torn 1940-s are fading out. The pain and suffering of those years goes dull. Fewer and fewer veterans remain to tell the truth about what they went through. Simultaneously the world witnesses the rise of people who try to rewrite and distort history, to prove black is white and vice versa. Xenophobia becomes a political instrument. Fascism raises its head in Europe again, once again sabers are rattling on the borders. In Asia the struggle over the spheres of influence is simmering, territorial disputes aggravate, militant rhetoric intensifies.

Unfortunately the world is increasingly been drawn into information war. It shapes public conscience, turning it into the mirror image of the perverted ideas of the war initiators. Lies and hatred fanning, sweeping accusations and insults of the leaders of countries and nations have never served a good cause. Such trends have rather always been harbingers of the “hot” war. I must say that in the modern warfare there will be no winners. Should the war occur the living will envy the dead.

Today attempts are made to fashion an image of the enemy of world civilization out of Russia and China, equating them to fascist states. Simultaneously patriotism and love for the homeland are interpreted as a manifestation of nationalism and intolerance. I deem these trends an insult to our countries. After all, it was only Russia that lost 28 million lives in that World War TWO. The peoples of the 15 republics of the USSR, which included Russians, Ukrainians, Belorussians, Georgians, Armenians, Azerbaijanis, Moldavians, Uzbeks, Tajiks, Turkmen and Kyrgyz, Kazakhs, Lithuanians, Latvians and Estonians, fought the Nazi hordes shoulder to shoulder at the walls of Moscow, Leningrad and Stalingrad, defeated the enemy under Kursk and liberated half of Europe as well as Manchuria and Liaodong peninsula. Countless civilians of my country – elderly, women and children -were tortured, murdered, burned alive and disappeared in the Nazi Gestapo chambers and concentration camps. All the evidence is presented in the Nuremberg Trial materials.

In modern Russia people of different nationalities work and live together. No one is being oppressed, gets kicked out or loses their jobs on the ground of their ethnic descent. In Russia, different religions coexist peacefully – jews, orthodox, catholics, muslims, buddhists. No one cuts heads off and spits at the representatives of another confession, as it happens in the Middle East and in Europe in regards to Jews for example.

We, the Russians, treat the recent Ukrainian events as a tragedy of the brotherly nation and as our own tragedy. There’s no hatred towards our brothers among the Russians. We have centuries-old ties, most of us have relatives in Ukraine and vice versa. We can clearly see that the results of the Maidan were hijacked by the ones that had nothing to do with what ordinary Ukrainians dreamt of. But it was them who became the first victims of the rabid anti-Russian propaganda.

The most important thing is that this information war has nothing to do with democracy. It rather turns democracy into a hostage of the unipolar world ideologists that impose democratic values in accordance with their own national interests. The simplified understanding of reality and the Cold War-like propaganda strains go hand in hand, spreading all over the world like a mass destruction virus. Therefore it’s not essential at all to know the history of Russia, the development of its modern relations with neighbors – once-Soviet republics. Slander first and leave it to the opponent to clear himself.

And then it can easily turn out that terrorism is a lesser evil than fascism, and the states that fell prey to fascism can be accused of being dominated by fascist regimes.

Let us ask the people living in Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Syria, Ukraine – what have the ideologists of unipolar “democracy” achieved introducing its values in these countries. The answer is -war, blood, thousands of lives lost and misery. Were they not the ones who nurtured the fascist hordes of ISIS in the Middle East? Are they not the ones who speak – on respected television channels – in favor of tougher sanctions against my country, who urge to kill as many Russians as possible?

Against this backdrop need I say a word about the economic terrorism that despite WTO arrangements and in the absence of UN Security Council resolutions is launched against the Russian Federation?

One last thing. I will have you notice that the Russian President has never threatened anyone. Not even under a microscope will you find a single statement of an ominous nature. Isn’t it time to finally stop and take a look around? The demonization of Russia and China can only lead towards political schizophrenia which is fraught with dire consequences.

Consul General of the Russian Federation

Sergey B. Shipilov


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