Pauline Hanson about Putin: I respect him

1In the wide-ranging television interview, Pauline Hanson said that Australia needs a “strong” leader like Vladimir Putin.

Senator Hanson doubled down on her support of Russian President Vladimir Putin, saying voters wish they had a leader like him:

“I respect the man. He is very patriotic towards his country, the people love him, he is doing so well for the country. So many Australians here want that leadership here in Australia”

She called the MH17 attack “disgusting” but questioned the well-documented evidence of Russian involvement and suggested Putin could not be held accountable:

“Have you got the proof he did it? Did he push the button?”

She will spend the next week in Western Australia as One Nation seeks to make gains at next weekend’s state election.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has slapped down Pauline Hanson for showering praise on Vladimir Putin.

Issuing rare criticism of the One Nation leader, Mr Turnbull said Mr Putin’s Russia was responsible for the “shocking international crime” of shooting down the MH17 airliner – killing 298 people, including 38 Australian citizens – and was not worthy of the Queensland senator’s admiration.